Ultrasonic & Micromotor System

Ultrasonic Laping Machine with micro vibration stroke and extra-high frequency (22,000 times per second), which can easily handle most intricate jobs for various molds and dies.
The difficult traditional process of slots, ribs, detail corners, intricate areas becomes so easy with time saving, and efficiently reach a quality result of polishing and finishing process.


  • Powerful output: Max.45 watts of output power enables you to achieve any polishing task at the best performance.
  • Auto feedback system: Machine itself will automatically adjust frequency according to different tools to bet the best performance.
  • Electronic transformer with regulation: To maintain the machine in good performance and protect it from damdge even at an unstable supply of electric voltage.
  • Dectecting circuit of suspending: When handpiece is not in used, the unit will automatically reduce the output power. It does not only prolong the life of the handpiece transducer but also keep the ultrasonic tools from beating up.
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