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GOUS, the brand name is originated from Carl Friedrich Gauss, one of the most influential mathematicians in history. His well-known personal motto “pauca sed matura”, which means "few, but perfect", revealed that he was not only a perfectionist but also a hard worker, who always refused to publish his works which he did not consider excellent and flawless.

Holding the same beliefs, GOUS ELECTRICS was established in 1992, located in Taichung, Taiwan. At first, we mainly researched and developed Ultrasonic Lapping Machines. Since then we have continuously expanded our product line and created more powerful and versatile machines, including Micromotor Controllers, Multi-function Polishers, and Shrink-Fit Machines, which are now widely exported to Europe, the US, Japan, etc.

In 2007, we developed a combination of Brush DC, Brushless DC output, and Ultrasonic functions in one Unit, our AR-600. About 2 years later, we even moved forward to manufacture an upgraded version, AR-800, with a more powerful and efficient microprocessor. Moreover, we started to develop our own Shrink Fit Induction Machines GTS-9000, which finally came out in 2010.

In attempt to meet all the demand of our customers on polishing, we both have the world’s first 3 in 1 multi-function polisher and portable ultrasonic lapping machine. We are dedicated to not only innovation of precise and practical products, but also cooperation with customers and other manufacturers because we believe that “Innovation and Cooperation” will bring the products of the highest quality to our customers.  

GOUS History

1992 Company was established
AR-201 ultrasonic lapping machine
1995 AR-302 ultrasonic lapping machine
1996 AP-100 DC rotary control unit
1997 GOUS trademark registered
AR-203 ultrasonic lapping machine
1999 GTS-300 Induction shrinking-fit system
2000 AR-206 ultrasonic lapping machine
AR-303 ultrasonic lapping machine(DC+ Ultrasonic output)

2002 AR-106 simple function ultrasonic lapping machine
2004 AR-108 ultrasonic lapping machine
2005 AR-108 OEM with US company
AR-108 OEM with Sweden company

AP-102 DC rotary control unit

AP-360 BLDC micro-motor system
AR-600 Multi-function polisher (DC+ BLDC+ Ultrasonic output)

AR-800 Multi-function polisher (DC+ BLDC+ Ultrasonic output)
AR-800 OEM with Germany company

GTS-9000 Induction shrinking-fit system



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