Ultrasonic & Micromotor System
Triple Function Aggressive Power

  • Power supply of AC90-240V at 50/60Hz.

  • High-efficiency microprocessor, with more flexible and user-friendly functions.

  • Regulated power supply for low power consumption and over heating.

  • Overload protective circuit and load indicator incorporated to enable safe and continuous usage.

  • Ultrasonic function, DC rotary and DC brushless rotary functions incorporated and one single unit.

  • High torque and high power output for DC and Dc brushless motor output.


Power Pack Specification

Power supply AC90-240V 50/60Hz
Max. power consumption 300 Watts
Ultrasonic frequency range 18-26 KHz
Adjustment of Ultrasonic output Continuous
Ultrasonic amplitude 3-40μM
Method of frequency adjustment Auto-tracing
Suspension detection & protective circuit Yes
Output of DC rotary tool 5-32V DC, continuous adjustment
Output Brushless DC rotary tool 1,000-50,000 r.p.m, continuous adjustment
DC brush output power Max. 180 Watts
DC brushless output power Max. 250 Watts
Overload protection circuit Yes
Load indicator 5 level led lamps
Fuse 3A 20mm time-lag type
Dimensions W170xD240xH140 mm
Weight 2.5 Kg
Standard Parts
AR800 Standard Parts
AR-800 Standard Parts


Item Specifications

Power Cord

PC-02 18AWGx3Cx180cm L
Ultrasonic Small Handpiece GS-H26 Screw Thread:M6mm
Dimensions:Ø26x116mm 36Watts
Net Wt.:140g
Small Handpiece Cord CB-0608 3Cx150cm L
Handpiece rest GS-B01 110x50x35 mm
Spare Fuse

3A 20mm Time-Lag
Tool changing rack GS-R10 10mm W
Tool Box
22.5x13.5x12.5 cm
Hex Wrench
Tool holder GS-0511T T 1.1mm M6 For ceramic stones
Tool holder GS-0531T T 3.1mm M6 For oil stones
Tool holder GS-0530Ø For Ø3.0mm shank Tools
GS-M6-M6 For M6 Shank Tool
Foot switch GS-F02 Cord Length 190cm
Optional Parts


Item Specifications

Ultrasonic handpiece

GS-H04 Screw Thread:M8mm
Net Wt.:248g
Ultrasonic handpiece
GS-H06 Screw Thread:M8mm
Net Wt.:185g
Brushless rotary handpiece GS-M01 Dimensions:Ø28x142mm
Net Wt.:285g
Brushless rotary handpiece BM50S1 Max Speed: 50,000 rpm
Torque: 7.8Ncm
Net Wt.:238g
DC Rotary Handpiece ST-107 Dimensions:Ø33x145mm
Net Wt.:260g
Adjustment-type foot switch GS-F3 Cord Length 190cm

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