Ultrasonic & Micromotor System
AR-600 Triple Function Standard Power


Triple Function
Standard Power


Ar-600 is a more powerful model in functions among other models in our AR series Ultrasonic lapping machines. A model complete with Ultrasonic vibration, DC rotary tools and DC brushless rotary tools, it provides users with more flexible choices in tools, and will save you much space.
Power supply of AC 90-240V at 50/60Hz to meet the internal applications.
Designed in high-efficiency microprocessor, with more flexible and user-friendly functions.
Regulated power supply keeping power consumption low and away from heat generating.
Overload protective circuit incorporated to enable safe and long-hour use.
Ultrasonic vibration, DC rotary tools and DC brushless rotary tools all incorporated in one single unit as drive, offering choices and saving space.


Power Pack Specification

Power Supply

AC 90~240V 50/60Hz
Max. power consumption 100 watts
Ultrasonic frequency range 18~26 KHz
Adjustment of Ultrasonic output Continuous
Frequency adjustment Auto-tracing
Suspending detection and proction circuit Yes
Output of DC rotary tool 5-30V
DC continuous adjustment
Output of brushless DC rotary tool 1,900-30,000
r.p.m, continuous adjustment
Fuse 2A 20mm Time-Lag
Dimensions 170x240x140mm
Weight 2.5Kgs
Standard Parts
AR-600 Standard Parts


Item Specifications

Ultrasonic handpiece

GS-H04 Dimensions:Ø33x147mm
Net Wt.:248g
Power Cord PC-02 18AWGx3Cx180cm L
Handpiece Cord CB-0203 3Cx150cm L
Tool changing rack GS-R12 12mm W
Handpiece rest GS-B01 110x50x35 mm
Hex Wrench
Tool holder GS-0330Ø For Ø3.0mm Shank tools
Tool holder GS-0331T For oil stone
Tool holder GS-0311T For ceramic stones 1.0t
Foot switch GS-F02 Cord Length 190cm
2A 20mm Time-Lag

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